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10 Ideas For Staging & Listing Home

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By Nancy Puder

The majority of home buyers start their search online and then contact their agent.  Since property photos are the first thing a buyer looks at, it makes sense that a considerable amount of effort be made to ensure your photos stand out.

Whenever possible, use a professional photographer.  The few hundred dollars spent here can make a huge difference in how your property is viewed by potential buyers. Your real estate agent will usually absorb this cost into their budget so be sure that you have that conversation before putting your home on the market.

nancypuder 8.20.15Preparation before listing photos are taken should include the following:
1. Remove all clutter, magazines and most knickknacks.  Replace with some fresh flowers or plants.
2. Remove unnecessary furniture items like extra dining room chairs placed in living room corners.
3. Group furniture together away from the wall so that it looks comfortable and inviting.  It will help to enhance the architectural design of your home.
4. Light up your home with overhead lights, lamps and sconces.  Buyers would like to see what they are buying and using a combination of lighting warms the room and creates ambience.
5. Consider painting, which can brighten up a room by giving it a clean fresh look.
6. Remove old heavy drapes.  [pullquote align=”right” cite=”Nancy Puder” link=”” color=”#6B8E23″ class=”” size=””]Nothing says “dated” faster than old curtains or drapes.  It’s better to go with no curtains than to leave up ones that are out of style.[/pullquote] 7. Clear kitchen counters and either leave or purchase a few newer attractive items.  Even a dated kitchen looks cleaner and nicer when the clutter is removed from the counters.
8. Remove pet bowls and pet toys from the area being photographed including the yard.
9.  Remove trash cans from any area being photographed whether inside or out.
10. Roll up hoses outside and remove stuff that may have accumulated in the yard.

If you have questions regarding the listing process, call me anytime and I will be happy to share more ideas about how to present your home when selling.

Nancy Puder is a real estate broker with Nancy Puder & Associates, the premier real estate boutique company in Arroyo Grande, CA. Nancy Puder is one of the largest listing brokers on the Central Coast. Call or Text Nancy (805)710-2415 with your real estate questions anytime. She always enjoys hearing from you!  To access other articles written by Nancy Puder, go to www.nancypuderassociates.com.  Readers can also email  with questions or to discuss their real estate needs.

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