COLUMN: The Inspiring Carpenter

By King Harris ~

Richard Decater is a fine carpenter, and he has little problem in telling you that.

King Harris
King Harris

Richard is the proprietor of what he calls Carpenter Shop San Miguel. I recently met him while on assignment for Tolosa Press, which wanted his story for their upcoming magazine “Living Lavishly.”

What intrigued me about Richard was not just his skilled craftsmanship, but his amazing ability to find a way to survive the challenges that life threw at him.

When he started out many years ago wielding nails, hammers, and saws, business was booming. He lived on a 17-acre ranch in Lake Tahoe, building houses, as well as tearing old ones down and collecting vintage wood in the process.

That kind of wood would become key in his later life.

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COLUMN: Is Your Knee Being Victimized?

By Michele S Jang, PT ~

Michele Jang
Michele Jang

Do you suffer from knee pains? Structural strains and damage in your knee are often caused by problems stemming from your back, foot and ankle. Your knee, by virtue of its location, often compensates for restrictions and imbalances in joints occurring above and below it.

Pes planus or fallen arches of your feet cause your knees to roll inwards, thus placing additional strain on the medial (or middle) aspect of the knee. This can lead to increased angular torque and pressure on your knee’s meniscus, cartilage and/or ligaments, making your knee more vulnerable to injury.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Noor Clinic Hosts Third Annual Thrifty Fashion Show

Photos by Erin O’Donnell ~

The “Compassionate Hearts of Noor” 3rd Annual Thrift and Consignment Store Fashion Show took place June 26 at Congregation Beth David.

Noor Fashion Show 2016 SLO City News-14

Entrants picked up items at local thrift shops and put together an ensemble for the catwalk in the charity event that supports the Noor Foundation, a free clinic based in SLO.

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EPIC Summer Camp in SLO Gets Out of This World

By Camas Frank ~

The Cal Poly EPIC summer campers — middle school into high school — were back at Cal Poly this year. Among the activities on July 15 were an “Eco-Surfboard class,” cardboard “Helicopter” drop and a lot of activity labs.


Seventh and eighth graders also learned the real nuts and bolts mathematics of electrical engineering in unorthodox ways. LED light programing and electronic textile sewing with conductive thread were on the agenda.

Rick Sturckow, Cal Poly alum and former NASA astronaut — one of four “Cal Poly Astronauts — and who now works for Virgin Galactic, gave the closing address for the middle schoolers.

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