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Getting What They Deserve

As a 20-year resident of Morro Bay, I read with great interest the article concerning 17% of the City work force leaving Morro Bay.

It all comes down to money. The City cannot provide the level of service to the residents on tourism alone.
When you kicked out the Morro Bay Power Plant you eliminated the cash cow. You let the liberals dictate the economy and you get what you deserve.

SLO will be in the same fix in the near future, when the Diablo Canyon Power Plant shuts down. Take $28 million out of their revenue and they will be in the same position.

Jack Pearson, Morro Bay

Open letter To The City Council

Greetings to each of you. I’m not sure this letter will be heeded, but I want you to know that I am not at all in favor of allowing fireworks to be exploded over our bay during the upcoming Harbor Festival, or at any time for that matter.

The location for this unnecessary activity takes place right above our nationally protected estuary, home to a unique diversity of creatures who become frightened and disoriented by the continuing explosions, noxious smells, and subsequent outfall of ash and debris.

I live but a few blocks directly east of where this takes place, and during last year’s event the noise was unbelievably loud, to the point that my windows rattled and shook beyond the norm. I honestly thought they were gonna break.

Part of the reason the fireworks seem so loud is the reverberation from bouncing off the hillside; so you can imagine how our otters, sea life, and numerous species of birds must feel.

Therefore, I ask you, are the disruptive consequences to our natural environment worth the 20-30 minutes of oohs and aahs from an unconcerned populace?

If we truly value our ecological assets, when will we recognize that Morro Bay is not the most ideal location for fireworks?

The success of our Harbor Festival — a celebration of all that is beautiful and wonderful within our community — should not be dependent upon exploding fireworks!


Roger Ewing

Editor’s note: Mr. Ewing sent this to each council member and copied it to us for publication.

Does the City Care?

Letter to the Editor:

As a resident of Morro Bay, I’m very concerned about our current City Administration. Do they not listen or don’t they care about those of us who live here?

None of us want a blighted community. We just want to get on with out lives.

I’m referring to the survey we recently received in our water bills.

Not only did it cover ground already protested at a recent Council meeting, the survey itself was too open ended.
For example, how high a hedge should be determined by the hedges location. Does it block traffic views at a comer? Is it an owner’s source of privacy?

One could go on about recreational vehicles and boats; we are a community with good fishing access both for professionals and casual fishermen.

There is not even a dedicated lot where boats can be parked or the cars of fishermen who are out to sea. Does the City Administration even know or care that there are ordinances that are far more important for our health and safety?

For example — skateboarding is allowed on the streets as long as riders obey bike rules.

Smoking is not allowed on City sidewalks. How many times does one have to walk down the street behind a smoker while inhaling secondhand smoke before this ordinance is enforced?

Once again do any of you really care about the health and safety of our community or do you just want to turn it into someplace different? Just wondering, what are our newly hired code enforcement officers doing while you are deciding what to enforce.

Nancy Johnson, Morro Bay

City Mum on Citizen Survey

The City of Morro Bay has been very quiet about the results of the recently-published National Citizens Survey.
Most people don’t appear to have even heard about it. Maybe the reason City officials are being so quiet about this survey is that it is not favorable to them.

According to the survey, “About 4 in 10 residents gave excellent or good ratings to the value of services for taxes paid, the overall direction of the City, the job the City does at welcoming citizen involvement, acting in the best interest of Morro Bay, being honest and treating all residents fairly.”

Evidently, these very low performance ratings are similar to ratings residents of other cities gave their local governments.

However, Morro Bay’s ratings for “the overall direction of the City, confidence in City government, the job the City does at treating all residents fairly and acting in the best interest of Morro Bay” were said to be “lower than the national benchmarks.”

With ratings like that, City government’s silence may be understandable, but it isn’t right. With a report card like that, shouldn’t elected officials be asking residents what they can do to improve? But then, it’s an election year…

The address for the survey: www.morro-bay.ca.us/953/National-Citizen-Survey.

Linda Stedjee, Morro Bay

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