Letters to the Editor

Pleasantly Overwhelmed

Dear Editor:

We at Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo are pleasantly overwhelmed by the generosity exhibited within our community at our recent Holiday Party. For the fifth year in a row, our agency co-hosted the event with Charles E. Teach Elementary School, with special help from fourth grade teacher Mr. Guy Crabb, a 30-year veteran teacher, who coordinated a team of 125 student and parent volunteers.

Over 150 children and their families enjoyed a warm lunch, compliments of Panda Express, as well as holiday themed activities including sugar cookie decorating, thanks to a gracious donation by the Madonna Inn.

Each youth attendee received a personalized, gift-wrapped present compliments of the adept coordination and generosity of volunteers at Cal Poly’s Center for Services in Action, as well as Morris and Garritano Insurance. The event was well documented thanks to local photographer, Rob Mullin. Other individuals in the community donated time and resources to make this afternoon an all-around success. Thank you Mike Hill and Jenny Anthony!

Our team is beyond grateful for all of the community partners who assist Big Brothers Big Sisters in their mission to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever!

Anastasia Killham, recruitment coordinator, BBBS of SLO

Cayucos Fire Tax Absurd

I own a home in Cayucos and my special fire tax is $103 a year. My parents own a home in Los Osos and their special fire tax is $80. I asked a friend who owns a home in Cambria and they pay $91.

Now Cayucos is wanting to increase it to $500? We are already the highest tax in the area, so why are we being asked to pay more?

Is it truly in the community’s best interest? Somebody is clearly not thinking about the best financial interest for the community.

SLO County special fire tax is $0. If the County assumed responsibilities, we would get the proper protection we need without raising taxes.

This will only lead to higher rental rates. Don’t get priced out of Paradise, vote “No” on this measure.

A Cayucos Property Owner

Don’t Drink and Drive

Young people will soon don a tuxedo or dress, and/or cap and gown. I only wore a cap and gown as I graduated in a wheelchair.

When I was 16 and a junior at Tracy High School in 1992, I was hit head-on by a drunken driver.

I played sports against other San Joaquin County schools. The crash put me in a coma with brain injuries, paralysis and several broken and dislocated bones. I was a patient for seven months in two hospitals followed by therapy for 17 months.

Those challenging months prevented me from school, sports, and prom.

Teenage festivities are coming and I was in their shoes once.

Car crashes caused by alcohol change lives forever. I struggle daily with hearing, talking, walking, and I cannot drive.

I planned to attend a California college. With my disabilities, I could not go to and study at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo like I did in high school.

Drinking and driving is unwise at any age. If drinking happens, do not drive.  Designate a sober driver before drinking begins. Listen to a victim.

Lori Martin, Tracy, Calif.