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Vote Metzger for Mayor


After spending many years visiting Morro Bay at every opportunity and staying in local motels, my husband and I purchased a home here last January. We invested our life savings in a property we loved, especially because of the view from our back landing.

Shortly after getting settled, a neighbor knocked on our door to invite us to a meeting about the City’s Waste Water Sewage Treatment Project, which I will call “the sewer farm.”

Apparently, the property I love to look out at was the City’s choice for a new sewer farm.

I attended that meeting in March, and several since. I’ve written to the city council members with questions, and not been particularly impressed by their responses.

I have learned a great deal about the proposed sewage farm, and current elected officials, and I haven’t been pleased with any of it.

My husband and I were particularly thrilled to learn that Tina Metzger has thrown her hat into the ring, and is running for Mayor of our charming community of Morro Bay.

Tina is a long time resident of Morro Bay, and knows the history of this community. She is qualified to represent the citizens of our community, and has a real passion for what is best for our town and for our citizens.

The office of Mayor is non-partisan, and Ms. Metzger will represent all of us. She has been open and straightforward in all of her dealings and communications with us, and has been busy in the community speaking to residents and listening to their concerns.

This is a welcome change from a mayor who has alienated himself from the residents of Morro Bay, as well as the entire community of Cayucos, therefore ruining any chance of a joint “Waste Water Treatment Plant” that we could build with that community, sharing the costs and benefits.

Citizens of Morro Bay, the ideal candidate for the city we love is Tina Metzger. She has a background in city planning, a deep love for the wellbeing of the city, and she values this community because she is a long-time resident, homeowner and registered voter.

Please, get involved in the contest for Morro Bay Mayor. Find Tina’s Facebook Page; get a sign for your yard; attend one of her meet and greets or walks about the community to hear her ideas and concerns.

She promises to exercise spending discipline, create a positive environment for cooperation at City Hall, hear and respond to community concerns, provide timely and factual information, and to support fire, police and harbor patrol.

These are important days. There are important decisions to be made. It is time for new leadership. Join me in supporting and voting Tina Metzger for Mayor of Morro Bay.
Kathi Gulley, Morro Bay

Attempted Magic in
Morro Bay

With any luck, sleight of hand tricks are separate from politics. Not so in Morro Bay where candidate Betty Winholtz attempts to turn falsehoods into facts in her “Open Letter” to voters.

Let’s see how many rabbits she pulls out of the hat. She claims Mayor Irons owns a secondary unit used as a vacation rental that benefitted from City legislation. That is totally false — No rabbit.

She denigrates current street repair programs. Truth: in the last four years of Mayor Irons’ leadership, six times as much money has been spent on streets as in the four years prior to Mayor Irons’ time in office.

The Mayor and current Council are working hard to get more funding to take care of the streets that Winholtz ignored in her eight-year incarnation as a Council member — No rabbit.

She claims an adversarial relationship exists between the City and business, yet the majority are thriving and maintaining. By every measure, business is good in Morro Bay — No rabbit.

She claims we are paying for two wastewater plants. During the transition from old to new, that’s somewhat true. Without a magic wand, an overnight waste treatment facility will not emerge — ¼ rabbit.

She claims Mayor and Council are out of synch with the community regarding public safety, yet they are following the will of the people — No rabbit
There are a few more Winholtz faux carrots to tempt unsuspecting voters, but no rabbits, little or no truth to her “Open Letter” claims, and scant evidence about her accomplishments during her 8-year tenure on Council.

Morro Bay and open City government are prospering under the meticulous guidance of Mayor Irons. Let’s continue into the future with proven leadership.

Tom Harrington, Morro Bay

Thanks to Community Foundation

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the children participating in City of Morro Bay’s recreation programs, we would like to thank the Community Foundation of Estero Bay for its continued support.

Because of CFEB’s $5,965 contribution, 38 children were able to participate in Kids Camp this summer, 48 children were able to participate in Estero Bay Youth Soccer and five were able to participate in flag football.

Morro Bay Recreation Services is proud to be partnered with the Community Foundation of Estero Bay with our shared goal of giving children the opportunity to participate in recreation activities such as sports leagues, classes and before- and after-school enrichment (Kids Club/Kids Camp).

For more information about Morro Bay Recreation Services programs, please contact us at 772-6278 or visit us online at:

For more information about the Community Foundation of Estero  Bay, please visit them on Facebook at: or at their website:
Karen Sweeny

Recreation Supervisor, Sports

Morro Bay Recreation Services

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