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Light Therapy

Lichttherapie zu Hause
Lichttherapie zu Hause

By Michele S Jang, PT

Mainstream light therapy has historically referred to the use of an artificial light source to treat mood disorders associated with a lack of sunlight. Light is a powerful source for creating positive health changes and its mechanism of action is the topic of much research. Other therapeutic uses of light are becoming main stream in the fields of physical therapy and psychology. Two of these include low-level lasers and guided imagery/visualization with light.
Low-level laser therapy involves exposing tissue to low levels of red and near infrared light. Studies have indicated therapeutic benefits from exposure to these specific wavelengths of light; including, Continue reading Light Therapy

The Importance of Physical Touch

michele jangBy Michele S Jang, PT

Did you know that physical contact is important to the healing process?  A simple pat on the back is not just an acknowledgement of the other person but also has additional benefits. Even a handshake can go beyond a simple greeting. Physical touch is a way to connect with another person in a more intimate fashion. Touching can reassure, acknowledge the other person, lessen fears, as well as soothe and calm. Continue reading The Importance of Physical Touch

Do you have Good Posture?

michele jangBy Michele S Jang, PT

How do you know if you have good posture? At Spirit Winds Physical Therapy we have an exercise that we call the “3 – S” posture drill.  Stand against the wall and feel what parts of your body touch the wall.  When you have good spinal alignment, three parts of your body will touch the wall.  These three body parts are what the “S’s” stand for.  They are your Sacrum, Shoulder blade(also known as your scapula) and lastly, your Skull.
In order to have your sacrum flush with the wall, it is important to engage your abdominal muscles and perform a slight posterior pelvic tilt as if tucking your coccyx or tailbone between your legs.
For most people, keeping our shoulder blades against the wall means rolling our shoulders backwards, gently squeezing the shoulder blades together and down. Continue reading Do you have Good Posture?

Keep your Back in Action

health club: women doing stretching and aerobics

By Michele S Jang, PT

Can you bend over and touch your toes without bending your knees? Did you know that the inability to do so can indicate your risk of developing back pain? If you can’t, you probably have tight hamstrings, which increases your risk of injury. Many of our daily duties that are sedentary, can precipitate tight muscles; such as, sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. A flexible core is critical to perform any recreational activity while reducing back strain. Many muscles that encourage a flexible back are actually in the hip and lower extremities. Here are a few stretches that you can perform daily to reduce your risk of developing back pain. Continue reading Keep your Back in Action

Wellness Through Writing

mittelalterliches Tagebuch in Sütterlin-SchriftBy Michele S. Jang, PT

Are you familiar with the expression “get something off your chest”? Holding our thoughts and feelings inside can wreak havoc in our lives and can actually negatively affect our health. Sometimes friends and family are not available to talk to. We have, however an access to an easy, affordable tool that can create positive and measurable changes in our physical and mental health: writing! Continue reading Wellness Through Writing