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New ADA Golf Cart at Laguna Lake

SLOCN CartSan Luis Obispo’s Laguna Lake Golf Course has obtained the first Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant golf cart in the county.
The cart, a Yamaha SoloRider, looks more like a riding lawnmower than the traditional covered scooters, with a swiveling rider seat set back from the control console to allow easy access to the chair.
The ADA demands that those living with disabilities have access to, “the full and equal enjoyment of public accommodations.”
The adaptive cart was purchased last November and made available for public use. The all-terrain design allows access to golf course areas usually reserved for walking, including the ability to drive directly onto the greens. It can’t however, sink that birdie putt for you. For information, call Todd Bunte of the City’s Parks & Recreation Department at 781-7228.

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