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Gift of the Emoji By Brian Rosenberg   X-Ray was sitting at his extended VIP tables at LiZard, Hollywood’s current hottest nightclub. His birthday was today, December 23. He started rolling a week before and would keep it up until the New Year...

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Christmas Magic

NightWriters By Mike Price Sheila, my four-year-old daughter, climbed onto my bed and said, “Don’t cry, Mommy. It’s Christmas.” “I know, sweetheart.” I closed my eyes and thought of Bill. He died just before Easter. I dabbed my tears and said...

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Who Knew?

NightWriters By Denis Perry I did not desire an adventurous retirement.  After 40 years at JPL managing interplanetary probes I determined to reorient myself to a natural and simple lifestyle.  For my retreat, I located a half-acre property near the...

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A Taste of the Wild

Nightwriters By Andrew Ross The call came in about a wild animal, type unknown, killing and eating people’s pets in the neighborhood. I glance at my partner, Theo, and say, “Okay, it sounds like we have a carnivorous predator to deal with.” He nods...

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NightWriters By Susan Tuttle The rats only came out at night. Both two legged and four, they swarmed the streets through the hours of darkness, only to vanish when the sun once again rose in the vermillion sky. Delmira knew she’d be taking her life...