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The 78th annual Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest

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The Harvest Festival is a longtime local favorite paying tribute to our agricultural roots and current agricultural community.


The Friday and Saturday event featured a parade, fish fry, games, demonstrations, entertainment and a bushel of competitions covering everything from a grape stomp to veggie decorating.
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California National Guard’s 40th Visits SLO

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The premier musical unit of the 40th Infantry Division Band, their Concert Band visited SLO during the Aug. 13 Thursday Night Farmer’s Market.
Training in the area during the week, the 40th is based out of the Joint Forces Training Command in Los Alamitos, Calif.
The 40th Infantry Division formed in 1917 and commands more than 10,000 soldiers stationed from Sacramento to the California-Mexico border. While its soldiers have seen action during World War I, WW II, the Korean War, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as peacekeeping missions in Kosovo and a domestic deployment during the 1965 Watts Riots, the band kept it light this trip. Continue reading California National Guard’s 40th Visits SLO

Old West Returns to El Chorro

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The 21st annual Chorro Valley Shootout was held through the Aug 14th weekend at the Sport-shooting range on Highway 1. Once again the recreation of SLO’s own Wild West drew a crowd for the Single Action Shooting Society’s Western Regional Championships. Although the theme is always based on the “Old West” modern conveniences like ear plugs are prevalent as is modern fire arm safety instruction. Groups from several countries without their own Wild West tradition also travel to participate.

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Special Olympics’ Athletes Storm into A.G.

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Members of the United Arab Emirates Special Olympics Team were recently in Arroyo Grande for a picnic lunch put on by the city and the Arroyo Grande & Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce at Heritage Square Park in the Village as part of a visit to host towns throughout the county. The athletes were headed to Los Angeles for the Special Olympics World Games.
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