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Close Shave

IMG_4139Story and photos by Gareth Kelly

In a bygone era men would patronize barbershops. They would spend hours putting the world to rights, getting a hair cut and would allow someone they barely knew to take an incredibly large, sharp razor blade to their neck for a shave. As teenagers became men their fathers would take them in for their first close shave, pat them on the back and tell them “you’re a man now my son”.
Unfortunately with increasing regulation and fear of contracting blood diseases from the occasional ‘nick’ of the blade, the hot shave slowly disappeared along with many traditional barbers. Continue reading Close Shave

Meathead Movers Moves Across the Country

king_harris cover bubbleGood to be King
By King Harris

Who would have ever thought a SLO High School wrestler could create a company that would be so successful? Aaron Steed is a mover and a shaker.
What started out as Meathead Movers in San Luis Obispo almost 18-years ago, is now in Santa Barbara, Orange County, Camarillo, and Fresno.
“We needed to figure out how to make money, so the deal was simple,” Steed said. “Me and my brother and friends, all in sports, would offer help to someone who was moving. They’d pay whatever they thought we were worth. They’d rent a truck and we’d show up and get the moving done and it was great because we could work around our schedule. Continue reading Meathead Movers Moves Across the Country

Valentines Day 2015 Business Profiles

Beads By The Bay
When I bought the Best Little Bead store in 2006 and renamed it for the old and much loved Beads by the Bay it was my first venture into the world of owning a retail business. 7 1/2 years later, it has anchored itself (and me!) firmly in the community of Morro Bay. The world literally has come to my doorstep, providing beautiful beads from around the globe. Helen has created a wonderful garden shop with tillandsias, succulents, herbs, and other unique plants. We have also found talented West Coast artists and sell handmade gifts for house and garden. If you are a beader, we have all the supplies you need. We also teach classes, do repairs, and commissions. And we have the prettiest plants around! Come say hello and discover Beads by the Bay and the Garden in historic Old Town Morro Bay! 333 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, (805) 772-3338.


Beauty Secrets
Beauty Secrets of Pismo Beach was Established in 1990.This year is their 25th year anniversary. Beauty Secrets is a full service beauty salon, carrying 31 professional hair care lines and an excellent selection of nail polishes and supplies. They also carry a great selection of flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. Every month they have a lot of deals on hair products, and they are well know for their liter sales. Beauty Secrets is open 7 days a week and evenings for your convenience. So stop by today!
847 Oak Park Blvd Pismo Beach and see the big beautiful store and salon. or call for an appointment (805) 489-3373


Corona’s Mexican Restaurant
As you come in you will always find a clean and awesome environment and the best consistent service. All of our recipes go back to Zacatecas, Mexico with everything “made from scratch” quality products. So, come on by and try one of our delicious Lunch or Dinner Combo’s. We offer: Taco Tuesday $1.50 All Day, No Limit and Enchilada Monday $1.49 All Day, No Limit. We also offer Local Beers on Tap & Try Corona’s very own Victory Golden Ale!
1263 E. Grand Ave. Arroyo Grande (805) 473.9999


Dels Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

Del’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant has been serving classic comfort cuisine on the Central Coast since 1973. We are family owned and operated and a must stop dining institution! The dough for our famous New York style pizza, calzones, and bodacious bread rolls is mixed in a circa 1968 Hobart mixer from scratch, the sizzling sauces are slow roasted for hours with only the finest ingredients, and the fresh salads are hand cut from greens grown by local farms. Try our legendary Lasagna, Fettucini Alfredo or Spaghetti and Meat Balls. Vegetarian and gluten free options are also available. We have four frothy craft beers on tap, ten local wines by the glass, and an award winning, modestly priced bottle list. Our historic location just off the 101 freeway features a redwood bar with two screens, romantic ocean view tables for two, and larger seating areas that are perfect for families and large groups.

This Valentine’s Day, choose Del’s and savor a heart shaped pizza or lobster ravioli dish, along with drink specials and a red rose to go!

Del’s is open for dine in, take out and delivery from 4pm to close Monday-Friday, and for both lunch and dinner from noon to 10 pm on weekends. We are located at 401 Shell Beach Road, Shell Beach, CA. 93449. Give us a call at 805.773.4438.


Native Herbs and Honey Co.
A locally owned beekeeping business which recently expanded into a new location in Los Osos, CA. The owner, Violet, specialty is native plants, herbs & teas. She has a passion for all things that smell good, are pretty and have exceptional quality. Violet has been busy developing an extensive line of new products like teas, essential oils, herbal remedies. The company has plans to create a health food store and learning center focusing on wellness, creativity and community building. Violet’s lining up a exciting year full of hands on learning and special events at the new location. Look for upcoming announcements about other amazing indigenous women joining the team with Violet to teach hands on classes. The new store is located at 1001 Santa Ynez Ave. Los Osos, CA and is open m-sat 11-6p. sun 11-4p. 805.534.9855. Now enrolling for Thursday night classes.


Quarterdeck Restaurant
The Quarterdeck Restaurant has been locally owned and family ran since June 1995. Known to the locals as the place to go, offering casual, upscale dining where the staff treats you like family and the food is not only delicious but reasonably priced. You can always tell a good restaurant by how it loved by the local community. The Quarterdeck is known for giving back to that very community that has been so faithful. The seafood is always fresh, local when available and delicious. They are renowned for the best seafood platter in the area-bar none. Every piece is tender and moist and melts in your mouth. The rest of the menu items are just as fresh. Did we mention breakfast? You don›t want to miss their several choices of benedicts and pan rolled omelettes just to name a few. Also known for a tropical atmosphere and an award-winning bar, the Quarterdeck Seafood Restaurant is sure to bring you back time and time again. Step into the tropics and enjoy an awesome dining experience.
1500 West Branch St. Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 (805) 481-3474


Studio Salon…
“Executive Nails” Mani/Pedi for Him
The secrets out! Guys, if you’ve thought about getting those hangnails taken care of and the callouses off your feet but were reluctant in the past, those days are over. Julie has an extensive male clientele and has been specializing in manicures and pedicures right here in Arroyo Grande for the past 35 years, since 1980!

Recently, Julie has made the smart switch over to disposable pedicure liners. A new plastic liner is used for every client so there is no chance of hidden bacteria lurking in your whirlpool bath like in typical Pedi-Spa chairs.

Here’s what a few of Julie’s male clients had to say about her services:

“Once I thought pedicures were only for women. Julie proved me wrong. She cured an ingrown nail that plagued me for four years. No more pain. My walks with the dog are pure joy now.”
Bob Mack, retired City Manager, Arroyo Grande

“I was reluctant to go to a salon that had mostly women customers. However, Julie made me feel very comfortable during the manicure and pedicure process. She does excellent work and is a professional at what she does…”
Steve Mintz, Cal Poly Professor

805-441-1964, call or text! Executive Nails, Mani/Pedi for Him, Located at The Beauty Studio: 1248 East Grand Ave. Suite E, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420


The Sewing Café
THE SEWING CAFÉ concept evolved from Ellen Hudachek reading about such concept stores such as this in Europe. A gathering place for creativity.
It is a gathering place for those seeking to expand or share creativity in sewing and cooking. The Sewing Cafe has been amazingly well received by the community and even draws a large amount of regular coastal visitors to visit, take cooking or sewing classes and purchase their sewing machines locally.
THE SEWING CAFÉ is a small sister store of SANTA MARIA SEWING SUPERSTORE (created in 1967).  Both stores offer the “unheard of privilege” that upon purchasing a sewing machine, quilting machine or serger you  are entitled to “lifetime Master Your Machine” classes meaning you are free to repeat the mastery classes as many times as you need to do so.  Warranty service and repair by factory trained technicians is also offered.   You will never find this type of Sales, Service, Education and Fun with purchases from the “box” stores or the internet.
Machine embroidery, children’s classes, quilting classes, project classes and cooking classes are all offered. All cooking classes are interactive “hands on” demonstrations, take home samples and recipes and enjoy wine pairing for the cuisine style you are learning.  The kitchen is also available for private parties.
Visit:, or Just call them @ 805.295.6585.
Pismo Coast Plaza 541 Five Cities Drive Pismo Beach, CA 93449 (805) 295-6585

Hathway Making A Mark in Digital Marketing

Story and photo by Gareth Kelly

gareth 4Read any magazine, newspaper or website these days and you could be forgiven for thinking we are in the midst of a new technology boom, especially here in San Luis Obispo. MindBody, Shopatron, Tektegrity, Rosetta are but a few names that either call SLO home or have a large presence here. Amongst all the noise these tech firms make it’s sometimes difficult to focus on some of the smaller yet vibrant exciting new comers to this particular sphere.
Started by two Cal Poly graduates, Kevin Rice and Jesse Dundon, in 2009 Hathway has grown from humble beginnings with just the two founders into a real player both locally and globally. With a portfolio of clients such as Behr Paints, Transamerica, Applied Materials and TransUnion, Hathway had revenues of about six million dollars in 2014 with around 40 employees. Continue reading Hathway Making A Mark in Digital Marketing

Piemonte’s—Story and photos by Gareth Kelly

DSC_0121Milan, Naples, the Coliseum and the leaning tower of Pisa are all things Italian. The boot-shaped country sticking out into the Mediterranean has given the world many fine things throughput history but perhaps its finest contribution is that of its food. Pastas, fine meats and cheeses, pesto, meat sauces, vodka sauces, Bolognese, sausage and tiramisu are all classic Italian faire. Luckily, after taking over an Italian delicatessen in Fresno from its original owners, who started the business in 1929, Nancy and Neil Eberwein decided to partner with long-time friends and SLO residents Sue and Gary Nichols to open their second Piemonte’s location at 1234 Monterey St. in San Luis Obispo. Continue reading Piemonte’s—Story and photos by Gareth Kelly