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‘Mercí’ For Mersea’s In Avila Beach

By Teri Bayus

Mersea’s, if heard first audibly, you think of the French for “Thank you,” if witnessed first visually, it is an oasis at the end of the Hanford Pier in Avila.

Mersea is the newest tenant at Port San Luis and the latest offering from the Dorn Family. This bastion of seafood and fantastic views opened a few months ago to rave reviews and now I am going to add mine.  Continue reading ‘Mercí’ For Mersea’s In Avila Beach

Margarita’s Pizza; A Foodie’s Passion Fulfilled

teri bayus
Teri Bayus

By Teri Bayus ~

Nothing inspires a foodie’s passion quite like pizza; one of the world’s most popular yet varied dishes.

Because different people have different tastes and emphatic preferences in crusts, cheeses, toppings, shapes and even cooking fuel sources, there can be no such thing as the “best pizza.” But pizzerias are another story altogether.

I remember the pizzeria of my youth, where we congregated after games, for birthdays and just about every Friday night. These places welcomed families; had a pitcher of beer for dad, and a nice glass of rose for mom; and pizza that satisfied everyone.

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Adelina’s Bistro at Trilogy; A New Culinary Delight

teri bayus
Teri Bayus

By Teri Bayus

One of my favorite parts of this job is meeting new chefs. It always fascinates me why people move to this area and what they did in their previous lives.

I am also thrilled to taste the new flavors, techniques and attitudes they bring to their host restaurants.

This week, I was dazzled by Executive Chef, Charles Weber of Adelina’s Bistro at Trilogy in Nipomo. This place (I call it the Las Vegas of the Central Coast) is a splendorous and appealing edifice housing some of the finest architecture and design found anywhere.

In the style of an upper crust clubhouse, this opulent beauty and fine dining is available to everyone.

Weber has a rock star chef background working in French and Mediterranean cuisine for over 30 years and from Napa to Chicago to New York and now Nipomo.

This culinary genius moved to this area because of his love for fresh produce, our exceptional wine country and his love for cycling. This man knows his way around a market and a kitchen.

Adelina’s is truly blessed to have such a genius at a stunning location sharing his gift. Adelina’s menu is locally sourced and seasonally biased, not to mention innovative and delicious. Chef made us a special dinner.

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Wine, Waves and Beyond, A Surf-Inspired Foodie Event

teri bayus
Teri Bayus

By Teri Bayus

Where can you enjoy four days of unforgettable activities held in our charming seaside towns; where you can embrace the love of California’s traditional surfing lifestyle and culture? At Wine, Waves and Beyond, that’s where.

The Boutique Hotel Collection will host the seventh annual happening, a philanthropic event celebrating both classic California surf culture from Wednesday, April 27 through Sunday, May 1. Come to experience amazing food events, Central Coast wines, artisan brews, as well as music, art, and the amiable coastal community.

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Dinner & A Movie: Zootopia — Disney’s Most Colorful Film Yet

Zootopia-Movie-ReviewBy Teri Bayus

Zootopia is a movie everyone can enjoy. It may be Disney’s most colorful film to date, but it also has the classic Disney moral message for viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

Zootopia takes place in a world where there are no humans and animals do everything as if they are humans. They have houses, police forces, and access to our type of transportation.

Judy Hopps (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) is a bunny who has always wanted to be a cop. She’s constantly told by everyone, even her parents, that bunnies cannot be police officers due to their size and cute look.

She proves them wrong and passes the police academy first in her class and a position in the metropolis of Zootopia. Continue reading Dinner & A Movie: Zootopia — Disney’s Most Colorful Film Yet