Use your Subconscious Mind to Improve Your Life

MeditationSo many of us can identify things in our life that we would like to change. Maybe it is how comfortable we feel in social situations, how we respond to criticism or how we interact with our partner. For others, it may be lacking confidence or follow thorough in meeting a professional or personal goal. Whatever it is, what most of us cannot identify if the WHY we just seem to fall back into old patterns or fall short of the goal. The answer lies in your subconscious mind.

The truth is that positive thinking and affirmations only work for about 5 percent of the population. This is why many self-help methods simply don’t work. The good news is that there are scientifically proven methods that do work, and they are simple and can be highly effective.

The fastest way to modify unwanted patterns or behavior is hypnotherapy. Contrary to popular belief, it is nothing like what you may have seen on a stage or at a party.

It works because the longer a thought (suggestion) stays in the critical, analytical part of our minds, the greater the chance it has of being diluted or rejected. With clinical hypnosis, the critical thinking part of our mind is resting – not absent like some people are apt to believe. In essence a window opens between the conscious, thinking mind and the subconscious mind where our habits and associations are held. It is at this time that a suggestion can be immediately accepted into the subconscious. The suggestion is heard by the conscious mind (logic, reason, judgement) and if accepted there, drops directly into the subconscious where it can be reinforced in the hypnotic state.

Another way to change behavior is through a something called The Mental Bank Program. It was developed by Dr. John Kappas, the creator of Kappasinian Hypnotherapy. We are most naturally receptive to suggestions in the evenings, in the couple of hours before we go to sleep. It is then that we use handwriting, positive statements, symbols and a system of reward that incrementally conditions the subconscious mind to act in a way that will move you toward your desired changes. It takes only a few minutes each night and if done properly and diligently can produce amazing results.

Finally, a tool I find invaluable is handwriting analysis along with Grapho-Theraputics. Our handwriting is an expression of our subconscious behaviors, tendencies and traits. It is revealed outwardly to us through our nervous system’s expression of holding pen to paper with our fingers. The form of our letters and strokes along with the meaning of the letters can give a surprisingly accurate picture of what is going on in our behavior. As we re-train parts of our handwriting over the course of weeks and months, we see our behavior begin to change as well. Even with clients that only see me for hypnotherapy, I will see their handwriting change as they go through the therapeutic process as naturally their behavior begins to change. In utilizing grapho-theraputics along with hypnotherapy we can expedite the transformative qualities of both methods.

Take a minute to think of changes you would like to make in your life this year. What has worked for you before? What hasn’t? Then consider using any of the three methods I’ve shared here and next year at this time you might be just find yourself living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Change your life, one unconscious thought at a time.

GilaZakHead shot Oct 10Gila Zak, C.Ht. is an honors graduate of HMI College of Hypnotherapy. She is also a Certified Advanced Handwriting Analyst. Her office is in Los Osos and she can be reached at or at 805.704.3599 and is available for speaking engagements.